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My name is Beverly Wallquist and my husband, Bill Wallquist, is a client of Daybreak. Our experience with Daybreak of Farmington, has been a good one. We discovered Daybreak in April 2013. Bill was becoming agitated quite often and was sleeping a good part of the day. The sun downing was becoming more often. We visited Daybreak one afternoon, and Kimberly visited with Bill, and he agreed to try the program 2 days a week.

I noticed that Bill's behavior was totally different on the days he attended Daybreak. In a short period of time, I increased Bill to 3 days a week and this past April he started attending 4 days a week. He is less agitated and the sun downing seems to be less when he attends. I believe the interaction he receives, helps him tremendously. Every one of the personnel is courteous, friendly, and caring. The time that Bill spends at Daybreak is allowing me time to fulfill my everyday tasks. As Bill's spouse and caregiver, I can only say THANKS.

Beverly Wallquist

After months of research and countless visits to residences we have finally found what we hope will be a happy, comfortable, supportive and enriching place for Marge to live, The Gables in Farmington. This letter serves as notice that she will be moving on or around April 1, 2014. She will continue to attend Day-Break during the month of March. Beginning in April, I would like to let Marge direct how often she attends Day-Break, if at all. Transitions are difficult for Marge and I want her to know she has access to what is familiar and comfortable for her.

Her experience at Day-Break has been happy, comfortable, supportive and enriching in its own right. She has made friends, feels the staff really care about her. Her visits have also helped to adjust her to being around older individuals, who have been great company. These relationships will undoubtedly be a basis for acceptance of the older folks she will meet at The Gables.

Thank you for your amazing work. I will surely pass along my enthusiasm.


My last day will be this Thursday January 30, 2014. I need some time to shop, go to appointments, and pack and pull some stuff together before I officially move. Thank you for all you've done to increase my confidence, from arts and crafts, to painting, to baking, to exercising, and even playing BINGO. Never in a million years did I think I would create a drawing good enough to be hung in the Legislative Office Building, but you did! Even though I'll be across the street at Apple Rehab, I'll miss you!

Thanks very much,


You were all great with my dad. I just had to let you know how much I appreciated it. God bless you all & enjoy the coffee cake.

Mirna Family

Thank you for everything you do for my mom. Greatly appreciated!

Paulina Family